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Drone Swarms versus Conventional Arms

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Of late, different types of drones are being produced to satisfy the needs of many. Drones have been improved with different types of modifications. Some modifications have even been made to suit military needs. In this article we are going to discuss how it is advantageous to use drone swarms rather than the conventional arms.

When the military use drone swarms they are likely to save more lives compared to when they use the conventional arms. This is because, conventional arms are more risky as the soldiers on the ground do not know the type of danger they are getting into. Drones can view the type of risk on the ground allowing the soldiers controlling them to get ready to engage.

Swarm drones are more economical compared to the different types of conventional arms that are used in the battlefield. When conventional arms such as the helicopters are used in wars they can be shot down or attacked while still in the air thus killing those in the helicopter and dismantling it completely. But when swarm drones are used, the enemies will have to track many drones and destroy them. This will not be a big loss to the country since drones are of a lesser value compared to the likes of helicopters and the lives of soldiers.

The swarm drones also show convenience since they can be controlled remotely at a safe distance from the battle ground. With the conventional arms the person controlling them must either be holding them or has to be in them in order to use it. This is a great risk to everyone since it can cause more damage and create more losses to the country at large. The person controlling the swarm drones can safely target the enemy(s) without risking their live.

Fig 1: a drone carrying a bag of powdered chemical during a terrorist raid.

With all advantages that have been listed above, one can say that it is much better to use the swarm drones rather than the conventional drones.

Sky Drone technology connects drones with ground control stations over virtually unlimited distances. Drone swarms can now be controlled in real-time from anywhere in the world at a consumer-grade price point. 

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