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Drones and UAV Commercial Market Analysis

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This era of technology advancements, led to the introduction of drones, also known as UAVs. At first, drones were mainly used for accessing places that an ordinary human could not reach. With time, people have come to use drones for other different reasons such as delivery. Newer and improved sizes, models and prototypes of these drones have been developed and introduced to the market. In this article, we will discuss the market trends of drones.

Back in the day, the drone market was in an embryonic stage and was yet to get in to the mainstream. In the year 2015, the industrial growth of drones took a major leap after the Federal Aviation Administration granted new exemptions to companies so they could operate drones in the US. The drone manufacturers are making sure that they maximize on these exemptions and turn drones to an independent industry. There is no argument of how the drone industry has grown. In the year 2016, the sale of drones rose to 2.2 million. According to Consumer Technology Association the sale of personal drones was 2.4 million. This was twice the 1.1 million drones sold in 2015.

Fig 1. The great perception US consumers have on drones

Drone market forecasts and trends

With the current intelligence, the sale of drones is expected to exceed $12 billion in 2021. This growth will be within the three sections found in the drone industry; commercial, consumer and government drones. By now, it is clear that in the government section, the military drone is the most mature one.

Drone Industry and Statistics

Most people are buying personal drones for recreational activities such as streaming live video and photo shooting. This has led to the expansion of the drone market since new models are being created to target different sections in the commercial and consumer market.

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