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How the Emergency Services have been revolutionalized by the use of drones

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How the use of drones has changed the emergency services

Over the past decades, the emergency services have been doing a lot of recommendable work. It goes without saying that any kind of developed technology would not only help these services but also the people at large. In this article we are going to discuss how the use of drones have helped in making the emergency services better.

With how the drones are made, being small in size, well equipped, responsive and easily controlled they could help in the emergency services. With these improvements, they are better to use while observing tasks from a safe distance compared to the older methods such as a helicopter. The use of a helicopter to survey is rather expensive equated to the use of drones. Humans can send a drone to survey in areas that are inaccessible maybe because of the distance or the place could be dangerous. When drones give an oversight of how the affected place looks like, the emergency services personnel know what is required of them before they engage.

Rescue Drone for Emergency Services

Image: A firefight UAV designed to be used in wildfires

Drones have been a great help to the emergency services since they can gather statistics and intelligence. One of the places that drones are used is when gathering information when an accident occurs. This has become easier for the emergency services since back then they used lacer scanners to document specifics of an accident. Back then it took the emergency services a lot of time to train the trainees on how to use helicopters but now it is much easier with the use of drones.

There are instances where drones have been used to save a person’s life. An example of the use of drones for emergency services is a time when firefighters in Lincoln located two boys that were stuck on the rooftop using UAVS and rescued them.

With these it is clear that drones have helped the emergency services to grow and become more helpful to everyone.

Empowering Emergency Services with Drone Technology

We at Sky Drone believe in empowering Emergency Services with ultra-long distance communication, command & control as well as real-time video feeds. Our products Sky Drone FPV 2 and Sky Drone Link have been used in various countries at first responder units to get fast and accurate access to information when it is needed most.

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