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Predictions For The Future Of The Drone Industry After Part 107

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In the recent past, the drone industry was completely changed after part 107 was introduced. As we all know these are the regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the commercial drone operations. In this article we are going to look at some of the predictions for the future of drones after this regulations were introduced.

With these rules, the professional drone pilots will become better marketers. The market will be flooded with pilots since eve the general skill level of pilots will start to commoditize. The difference between levels of piloting will be very low compared to now. The professional drone pilots will have to market themselves so as to create the difference. On the other hand the commercial pilots will have more knowledge of content marketing and branding among other ways that will help them become more relevant than the rest.

As drone companies become bigger, the processes that have been added will make it difficult for the companies to respond to the niche consumer demand. For this demand to be met, more specialized drones will be produced and introduced to the market. The new drone models will be made to satisfy the specific needs, uses as well as the desires of the people.

"Drone software will become the defining factor."

Drone software will become the defining factor. In that, the software in the drones will define the brand’s loyalty. Most of the models with the best brand loyalty will be used for the widest range of commercial applications.

With the regulation of the commercial drone industry the market will flood with pilots. Some pilots who were flying for recreational purposes are likely to be swayed into the commercial market. This in return will make the drone aerial services to be an industry full of competition.

The commercial drone manufacturing will soon slow on its creativity in innovating new drones. With the similarity in the drones the production will remain stagnant.


Image of how the manufacturing of commercial drone will reach a plateau in innovation.

It is known that a regulated market is better than an unregulated one and a lot could be achieved from the regulations placed in the drone market.

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