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Sky Drone FPV 2 - Now Available for only $299

Posted by Sky Drone Team on

We're happy to announce, starting today our Sky Drone FPV 2 camera system is available for only USD $299 (previously $699) for its Europe/Asia variant. The US/Verizon variant costs only $30 more.

Sky Drone FPV 2

Website & Specs:

Sky Drone FPV 2 ships globally with an expected global delivery time of 2-5 days (from day of order).

This over 50% price reduction of Sky Drone FPV 2 was made possible by improving our supply chain and our economies of scale. Thanks to our loyal customers, we are now able to order larger quantities at lower cost. By reducing our retail price, we pass these savings directly to our customers.

P.S.: The price of the Sky Drone FPV 2 Lens Pack with its five lenses, has been reduced by 50% as well.

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