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The Economic Impact of Drones

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Drones are economic engines used by businesses in the 21st century to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of their business while reducing the cost of production. It is an innovative way by businesses to position themselves in the today’s dynamic markets. The economic impacts of drones are intense and cannot be ignored both in developed nations and in the third world countries. Business organization and companies views them as a tool of logistic optimization in future. Drone technology therefore has both direct and indirect impact to business ventures and the nation at large.

Drone’s economic impact has been felt across the entire business industry. In agriculture, drones have been applied extensively in soil and field analysis, spraying and crops health assessment. This enhances the inspection, reduces the cost of manpower while maximizing on production increasing the farmers returns. The technology has also been applied in services delivery which has greatly increased efficiency through safely and faster delivery while minimizing on cost, with a good example being the Starship Technologies in the United Kingdoms.


Image 1. Image of a delivery drone

In addition, drones has been used in emergencies, for instance the drone ambulance, supply of medical equipment’s, relief food and air lifting victims. This promotes saving of lives in areas with logistical constrains at comparatively low cost and limited resources. Drones also acts as bridge in areas that experiences poor infrastructure unlocking the unexploited markets. This improves business sales and consequently boosts the revenue.

In some cases, drones have been applied in construction industries for building surveys, construction site inspection, project process report, site logistic etc. By use of drone in construction it will save money, reduce health risk while enhancing accuracy and speed thus making construction more economical. It also reduces the project timeframe which is proportionate to the cost used.

All these benefits show that proper utility of the drone technology could lead to great economic growth to individual sectors and the nation as a whole.

Sky Drone technology helps connecting commercial drones with their data center and provides real-time live video feeds as well as command & control whether on a fly-by-wire mode (in case of emergency) or in an automated fashion for mission planning.

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