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The Future of Drone Technology

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Numerous companies in the drone technology have made it clear to us that whatever we are seeing from drones is just the beginning of what they have in store for us. Recently, the drone business has become lucrative to many investor and firms alike.

Many companies and entrepreneurs are interested in investing in this not so new business. This is because the drone technology has shown its capability to boost the economy greatly. It has also shown that it can create more business opportunities for them. For instance, one of the world’s greatest drone manufacture, 3D Robotics, situated in the United States of America has commenced the manufacturing of new types of drones that are meant to revolutionize the industry. Apparently, the new type of drones are able to scan and map the Earth. More so, the images are in the 3D form. How amazing could that be?

The future of drone technology - Mapping

Image 1: 3D image from a drone mapping an area

Earlier on the drones were mainly consumer oriented but with the changes in the industry, companies are now creating drones for commercial purposes. These drones can be used to capture images, models and maps of bridges, construction sites and upload the 3D images directly to cloud in real time while still in the air. The maps and images collected by the drones are usually very accurate.

Drones have also shown their usefulness when it comes to the protection of nature. One of the ways drones have shown they are eco-friendly is that they do not require fuel to fly. Another way they help in protecting nature is through disaster relief. They can be used to prevent or combat environmental disasters such as wild fires.

Based on this information, drone technology shows that it has a bright future and could be an appealing industry for investors.

At Sky Drone, we are building the drone technology for the future. Our products provide unlimited range for command and control as well as live video feeds.

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