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The Future of Drones: Autonomy, Advanced Sensors, Collision Avoidance and Regulations.

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In the recent years drones have become one of the fastest rising areas of technology. With the developing drone technology, drones will soon have an impact on everyone. Drones have been made to simplify our day to day activities. With all benefits that come from the drone technology, there are numerous obstacles that have to be dealt with before realizing this goal. In this article we are going to discuss the future of drones after these challenges have been overcome.

All countries in the world have their own rules on how to fly drones or any other aircraft. This is because there are no specific rules and regulations that have been laid out for flying. In addition to this, the manufacturing companies have not been issued with any sort of manufacturing guidelines when it comes to drone manufacturing. Rules such as creating traffic lights in the clouds will be sage and helpful to everyone since the drones will not be crashing into each other as they fly around. This will also be helpful to the pilots flying the drones since these drones can veer off their course.

In the days to come drones are likely to have some additional equipment installed in them. An example of this additional technology is the sense and avoid systems that will help the drones to sense whatever that is in front of them as they fly. These sensors will help them avoid colliding with other drones in the air or any other objects that might be around them. Mine inspection, deliveries and construction sites are some of the areas and fields where a drone should be keen on the environment. With the help of these sensors it will be easier for the drone pilot who might be unskilled and also for a drone deviating from its course.

Drone Sensors

Fig1: A drone with installed sensors.

The future of drone technology will highly depend on these modifications. This will be a great help to all those who intend to be using drones in the future.

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