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UAVs and Drones Flight Data Analysis

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Modern day flight controllers like APM2.X and Pixhawk, which are now referred to as ‘black boxes’, allow data transmission to the ground station. Some like DJI can perform direct streaming which is very practical in military and police UAVs where real time data is needed. You can record and store this data by use of ground station apps such as Litchi and DJIGo or software like UgCS and Mission Planner. You can as well install devices like Flytrex Live 3G on-board your drone and use it as a ‘black box’. This information is sent to a cloud using a SIM card; this ensures that you do not lose valuable information.

Drone with GoPro Hero

Figure 1: A drone filming with a GoPro.

You can perform analysis of flight records for a drone or UAVs using software like Healthy Drone interface. Most of the websites of data analysis software provide you with instructions on how to access and upload the records of your flight. You can also use KML files that are used in Google Earth and CSV files. This gives you a readable record of each of your flight’s data.

In Healthy Drones interface for instance, all you need to do is download your flight records or data, after which you upload this data to their website. This data is not specific or particular to one thing but includes general information like signal strength, vertical and horizontal strength, RC input, XYZ acceleration, altitude, longitudes and latitudes, magnetic field values (heading) compass and GPS performance, battery performance as well as rudder response times. In some incidences, information on wind strength and direction is also present. You can access each individual flight’s information by clicking on the date and time of that flight.

Some of the reasons you need this flight data analysis include proof of faulty equipment, legal issues, drone monitoring as well as fun challenges.

Sky Drone products are field tested and are being used in dozens of countries across the globe. Telemetry, command & control as well as HD video can be transmitted in real-time over 4G/LTE networks using Sky Drone FPV 2 for example. 

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