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5 Ways Drones Will Influence the Future of the Insurance Industry

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Back in the day, drones were used only for military use but in the recent past they started being used for other reasons, for instance, recreational activities. Due to their accessibility and affordability, drones have increased their usage both commercially and domestically. In this article we are going to discuss how drones will affect the insurance industry.

  1. Insurance claims will be effective and prompt- with the help of drones, claims placed by people to the insurance companies will be very efficient and quick to process. This is because, for the insurers they are able to take a good look of the destroyed properties using the drones. The time used to survey the damage will be short unlike now when it takes time to process.

Image 1: An insurance drone taking an aerial view of a damaged property.

  1. The insurers will be their own pilots- Apparently, acquiring a license for flying drones is easier than getting a driver’s license. This is good news for the insurers since they will be in control of their own drones. It will be not only be a cheaper and easier way but it will also be a quick way for the insurers to tap into the usage of drones.

  2. The experience of the insurers and the customers will be improved- with the use of drones; insurers will be able to give their customers more personalized services. This will be faster and better for both the customers and insurers.

  3. Drones are the fastest growing industry within the aviation sector- drones are cheaper and more effective than other machines such as the helicopters. This will influence the insurance companies, who are known for being technology slackers, to use drones.

  4. Setting an example for using personal drones- insurance companies will be forced to issue insurances for people using drones for personal use since more people are buying drones for personal use.

It is right to say that people who need insurance covers for their drones, it is just fair for them to get one. It is therefore a great time for the insurance industry to participate and invest more in the drone technology industry.

Sky Drone technology contributes to all the points above by providing reliable real-time low latency connectivity solutions for HD video and command & control. 

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