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Ways to Invest in Military Drone Technology

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Drone technology is a field that has become lucrative in the past few years. The technology has showed a great opportunity for firms and investors to add on their revenue. It has been forecasted that by 2020, the global drone market will have achieved the $127 billion mark. There are several ways through which an investor or an organization could invest in the drone industry.

AeroVironment Inc. – This may be considered the best option for people seeking investment in the drone industry. The company has been very profitable for the past years and has accommodated both civilian and military customers with their Raven drone model being the most used small-scale drone in the world. The shares of the company have also shown tremendous potential over the past year. In 2016, the company returned 30.5% in shares which is a great value especially when compared to Aerospace-Defense Equipment industry that had a 20.2% gain.

Another way to invest in the industry would be indirectly through the traditional aerospace firms. One of such firms is Lockhead Martin which is a defense giant and one of the biggest aerospace company. The company is soon looking to start manufacturing armed drones and this could be a great step especially with the support of the Department of Defense allowing the sale and usage of the drones internationally.


Armed Predator Drone

Image of an armed drone

The other way Investors could invest their money in the drone industry would be through Northrop Grumman which has been a major player in the drone industry. The earnings of the company have been growing greatly. The company believes that in the financial year 2017/2018, their earning will have increased by 12%.

Considering the growth potential of the drone industry, investors and companies would be assured of great profits if they choose to invest in the said companies.

Beyond Military

We at Sky Drone believe that there is a huge market beyond military drones. That market is several multitudes larger than the military drone market as it might benefit almost every aspect of our lives. We believe, that providing unlimited real-time connectivity to drones, big and small, we are an enabler for that market to flourish and grow beyond the current hobbyist and model aircraft use. 

Commercial non-military drones will have a huge impact in humanitarian crisis situations, in ordinary delivery deliveries, in construction, agriculture, inspection, the energy sector and many others. The use of drones is virtually unlimited in today's connected world. Check out our Sky Drone Solutions to get an idea of what's possible in the new world of always connected drones.

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