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What a traditional military-style UAV & UAS are

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This article provides some background knowledge of drones and how they came about.

A traditional military UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is an aircraft free of human control from inside, UAV is piloted remotely. It is flown through the use “rudder” as well as “stick” control by a pilot. Unmanned aerial vehicles are a system of UAS (unmanned aircraft system). UAV consist of vehicle platform, ground-based controller, and payload.

The vehicle platform is made up of Avoid and sensing system, a system of precision navigation, flight control system, propulsion system and the airframe system. The vehicle system provides a mechanism of delivering the payload to its ideal location. A propulsion system is needed for the mission in which jet engines are used for high altitude and long distance whereas electric motor is employed for quiet operations. A system of flight control makes sure that Unmanned Aerial Vehicle follows a preprogrammed path in the most economical way be avoiding air users and other obstacles.

The payload system is made of a system of environmental sensors, radars, dispensable loads, systems of infra-red, system of scanners and electro-optical sensing. Since the UAV aims to gather or deliver data in dangerous, dirty, and dull surrounding payload is a vital element for entire UAV system. It helps to determine the economic gains as well as payback. A UAV gets the payload to the optimal location because the UAV does not deliver data or message by itself.

The station system or the ground-based controller system consists of inward data processing, systems for secure communications, position mapping and graphical images system, prognostics display and health monitoring system, navigation systems and a system of avionics flight display. The systems of ground control help in flight mission since they allow placing of position setting and waypoint, and monitoring of the overall speed. These systems ensure UAV execute all the flight mission successfully. They secure the overall communications of UAV.


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