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Drone Test-Pilot


You are enthusiastic about one of the following areas: aerial robotics / drone racing / RC aircraft? We are looking for a drone test-pilot to conduct test flights with our drones and related products.


You will get the opportunity to test cutting edge technology before anyone else. This job will give you a lot of flexibility: you won’t need to go to an office or have fixed working hours. You will meet with other team members regularly but conduct independent work most of the time.


This is a part time position, possible to convert to full time position in the future.


Location: Hong Kong




  • Conducting flight tests as the test pilot of Sky Drone products.

  • Documenting flight tests and results.

  • Creating Video documentations of test flights.

  • Tweaking design and components based on test flight feedback and input from engineering team.

  • Selection of suitable test-flight areas in Hong Kong.



  • Experience in R/C multicopter design and construction is required.

  • Experience in FPV piloting is required.

  • Experience on installing typical electronic/electromechanical devices for RC aircraft is required, along with component selection for the same

  • Involvement in “drone racing” is a plus.

  • Knowledge of PX4 flight stack, MAVLink and QGroundControl is a plus.

  • Self directed, curious to do experiments.

  • Good spoken english skills.


Qualifications: Student of or Bachelor’s/Master’s degree holder in Aeronautical/Mechanical/Other applicable engineering field


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