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Setting up a Sky Drone FPV 2 or Sky Drone Link unit is fairly straight forward. We are committed to safeguard the privacy of our customers and their data and as a result the setup process requires a few steps to get going. 

Generally, it is absolutely essential that you follow each step in our product manual precisely step-by-step. Do not skip any step, do not rush it.


Initial Setup Steps

After purchasing , you need to

  1. Create an account through our client app
  2. Pair the device with that account


Problems with Pairing

Before booting up the unit, please ensure the following:

  1. All USB ports are occupied
  2. The SIM card is placed properly in the modem
  3. The SIM card has data enabled
  4. The power supply outputs at least 1A (hence, powering the unit from a laptop's USB port is not sufficient)

Once you can check all those points, after booting the unit, the "skydrone-config" WiFi hotspot should come up as expected.


Command & Control Connection Not Working

If you've got the video working and you now want to connect a ground control station (GCS) to your drone you can do that according to the user manual. If such connection does not work out of the box, the most common reason is a wrong baud rate.

Ensure to set the baud rate in your GCS to "115200". Any other value does not work with the UART USB-Serial cable that ships with our units. If there is no option for such baud rate in your GCS, you might have the wrong autopilot stack installed.

We recommend PX4 and APM autopilots, but we have also experienced that some PX4-based autopilots do not offer the 115200 baud rate for some reason. You will need to switch to a different one stack then.

Examples of GCS Connections


None of this solves your issue?

We're happy to help. Please do reach out to us: