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360° Camera Support for Sky Drone Link

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We'd like to give you some updates on what has been happening here at Sky Drone HQ.
1. Sky Drone Link back in Stock
We are happy to announce that our new product - Sky Drone Link - is back in stock and available for immediate dispatch. All orders to date have been shipped out.
2. Support for 360º Video 
A public beta version of the Sky Drone Link client software allows fully immersive low-latency 360 degree FPV by integrating Ricoh Theta S / Ricoh Theta R support. Check out this video:
In the field of real-time video transmission combined with 360º VR capabilities, this demo is unique in its field. A simple consumer-grade RICO camera turns Sky Drone Link into a cutting edge video streaming solution to view fully immersive 360º video.
These are the pieces you would need:
Sky Drone Link with 360º Video Support  Sky Drone Link with 360º Video Support
3. Sky Drone FPV covered by Microsoft Research
Sky Drone FPV covered by Microsoft ResearchSky Drone FPV is mentioned in a new scientific publication from Microsoft Research in the journal "Frontiers in Robotics and AI" as one of the first systems to "[...] provide real-time, stereo FPV from the drone’s perspective to the operator as shown by the SkyDrone FPV." You can get the full article PDF here.

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