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Sky Drone Mk1 now available for Pre-Order

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Sky Drone Mk1 - RTF 5G-Connected BVLOS Drone

Sky Drone has just launched public pre-order of Sky Drone Mk1 - the world's first 5G-connected ready-to-fly drone!

Sky Drone Mk1 (Pre-Order) page with tech specs

Ready-to-Fly 4G/5G Connected Drone
Sky Drone Mk1 is the first Ready-to-Fly (RTF) drone that is exclusively 4G/5G connected. The drone is being controlled via a ground control station like Mission Planner or QGroundControl.

Made for BVLOS
Sky Drone Mk1 has been built for true BVLOS flight operations. No traditional radio controller is needed for takeoff, landing and in-flight control. All drone commands are sent via 4G/5G connection from the ground control station to the drone and vice versa. The 5G connection of Sky Drone Mk1 has global network coverage and the drone ships worldwide.

Incredibly Feature-Packed:

  • 4k Video, 20MP Still Camera with 360º Gimbal
  • Endurance: 45 minutes
  • RTK 5cm+1 precision positioning 
  • Max. Speed: 80km/h (50mph)
  • Live-video (FullHD) transmission in real-time
  • Remote photo taking trigger
  • Live video broadcast (via 3rd party software like OBS)
  • Takeoff, fly and in-flight control via ground control station
  • Mission planning through ground control station
  • Emergency intervention via ground control station
  • EU UAS Class C2 (MTOM 3.4kg)
  • Additional payload options (e.g. payload release system)

Target Audience:

  • Security Surveillance
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Aerial Surveillance and Mapping
  • SAR Search & Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • Broadcast video 

Pre-order Sky Drone Mk1 for $100 today and be the first to place an order when it becomes available. Pre-order details on the website.

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