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Sky Drone FPV 3 Firmware Update 1.9-316

Posted by Sky Drone Team on


A new firmware update is now available across the board for the following current products:

    To all customers of the respective products above an email with a download link of their firmware version has been sent out already. If you have not received that email yet, please contact us 

    Release Notes:

    • Added microphone support
    • Several performance and stability improvements
    • Numerous minor bug fixes

    Microphone Support:

    It is now supported to attach a microphone to the Sky Drone FPV 3 that allows the real-time transmission of audio. This allows the operator at the ground control station, which can be hundreds if not thousands of kilometers away, to listen in to sound that's at the location of the drone.

    A USB Type-C sound card adapter with a "microphone in" is required for this. If in doubt, which adapter you need, please do contact us either via email or through the chat on this website.

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