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Now Available: 5G-Connected Sky Drone Mk1 Ready-to-Fly

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Sky Drone is proud to announce that Sky Drone Mk1 is now available publicly.

Sky Drone Mk1

More images can be viewed at the Sky Drone Mk1 product page


The world's first ready-to-fly 5G-connected drone has gone through an extensive pre-order period. Customers were able to pre-order the Mk1 before release. Early customers were already able to place a final order for Sky Drone Mk1 and starting today we've opened up Sky Drone Mk1 for public order.


Sky Drone Mk1 has been built for true BVLOS flight operations. No traditional radio controller is needed for takeoff, landing and in-flight control. All drone commands are sent via 4G/5G connection from the ground control station to the drone and vice versa.

With only 3.4kg maximum takeoff mass, the Sky Drone Mk1 is a EU UAS Class C2 drone that can stay up to 45 minutes in the air with speeds of up to 80 km/h, climbing to up to 5000 meters (16400 feet) altitude. It's RTK-assisted hovering accuracy is ±0.1 m with a vertical and horizontal positioning accuracy of ~5cm. 


4k video and 20 megapixel still images make high resolution live video streaming from locations far away from the takeoff site possible. 


Sky Drone Mk1 is being controlled from a PC or tablet based ground station with an optional Joystick/Gamepad controller. To get connected the drone requires a data-enabled SIM-card. Sky Drone Mk1 has global mobile network compatibility, which includes major carriers in all countries across the globe. The drone has already been dispatched to international pre-order customers for industrial, commercial and governmental use. Sky Drone Mk1 ships worldwide and can be ordered through the Sky Drone website at 


The official press release can be downloaded here: 

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