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Sky Drone Mk1v2 - What's new!

Posted by Sky Drone Team on

The Sky Drone Mk1 has recently received an update. It is now available as Sky Drone Mk1v2 - our world-leading 5G-connected drone. 

Major Improvements

Easy SIM Card Access. This was one of the most often requested changes of our first version Sky Drone Mk1 where it was required to remove the top cover in order to replace the SIM card. While one does usually not change the SIM card when the drone is in production use - during initial setup and testing a SIM card change is being done more often. Now, the SIM card can be easily swapped from the back of the drone without the need of removing any hardware component. 

Downward Facing Antennas. The antennas were previously located at the back of the drone - where the SIM card slot is now. Those antennas are now placed at the side. Two antennas at each side of the drone, which are pointed downward. They can be tilted so that they align with bottom cover and are almost not visible then. Reception quality of this new placement has improved due to the fact that - while in flight - cellular network towers are often located below the drone.

Updated Inside RTK Antenna. The "Real-time kinematic positioning" (RTK) antenna allows high precision positioning of the Sky Drone Mk1 with an accuracy of a few centimeters. For many applications (like our Sky Drone Drone-in-a-Box Solution) high precision flights and especially landings are crucial. The new RTK antenna is more precise and smaller in size. It now fits nicely under the top cover. 

Firmware Update via Configuration Panel. The Sky Drone Mk1 firmware is constantly being improved and new versions are being released regularly. To update the firmware it is now not required anymore to take out the SD card and flash a new firmware onto it using a computer. While that is still an option - it does still require to remove the top cover of the drone. Yet, it is now also possible to apply a firmware update using the configuration panel of Sky Drone Mk1 by simply uploading a firmware update image.

UTM Integration. An "Unmanned aircraft system traffic management" (UTM) allows the safe integration of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) into the public airspace. In certain circumstances it is especially for the other aircraft important to get information on the whereabouts of UAV in their vicinity. A leading German-based UTM has been integrated by default as a first step that could be used out-of-the-box with all current deliveries of the Sky Drone Mk1. If needed, a custom UTM integration this is possible as well. Contact us if you'd like to know more. 

Product Page: Sky Drone Mk1v2

Photos of Sky Drone Mk1v2


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