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Remote Drone Operations in times of Covid-19

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Many commercial drone operations rely on several people in the field: usually a pilot, a payload/camera operator and sometimes additional domain experts depending on the mission type. In times of a pandemic - as we have it with Covid-19 at the moment - you want to avoid people being outside or travel as much as possible. But some drone operations can't be postponed - for example inspection of critical infrastructure, Search & Rescue or curfew enforcement. In this situations staff in the field should be reduced as much as possible to protect them and the entire population.

Sky Drone technology allows you to fully remote-operate a drone and its payload over a 4G / 5G cellular network. Even if your payload operator is in home quarantine - productive work for a mission critical project is still possible. He will be able to control the camera and gimbal from hundreds of kilometers away using low latency streaming technology, capture images and inspect them immediately from home.

Using Sky Drone technology we can help you to implement all of the following scenarios, minimizing or eliminating the need to send people to a target operating area.

Scenario 1: Pilot in the field, Payload Operator and Domain Experts operate remotely

The easiest way to get started is to reduce the staff in the field to the drone pilot only.
Both payload/camera operator and other Stakeholders can watch a low latency life stream from anywhere in the world, operate the camera and take still images for instant review.

Scenario 2: Safety pilot in close distance - Drone and payload operated remotely

The next step is to only have a safety pilot that can take over control of the drone in an emergency situation and to comply with relevant Line-of-Sight regulations. Both drone and payload are operated remotely via 4G/5G connection.

Scenario 3: Full remote operation - nobody needs to leave the house

Full Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operation via the 4G/5G network. This depends on local regulations and possible BVLOS licenses in your jurisdiction but allows you to execute your drone mission fully remotely without leaving your house.

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