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The Sky Drone Journey Since Indiegogo 3 Years Ago

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After our Sky Drone FPV 1 Indiegogo campaign a couple of years ago, we went on creating the Sky Drone FPV product and many of our great Indiegogo supporters pre-ordered it. During our Indiegogo campaign, we received feedback that a lot of people would like to get the product assembled in a box rather than individual parts, like we had in our campaign.

The Mistakes:

So we designed a custom case. Prototyping, designing, revising, creating molds,  etc. were very costly. Yet, we wanted to give people what they were asking for. At the same time, we decided to switch the hardware platform, because we realized that the Beaglebone setup we advertised on Indiegogo, would be working at its technical limit when the highest video quality was being streamed. Our new hardware platform worked somewhat out of the box. Yet, our system wasn't ready to ship yet, because some key issues needed to be resolved. Those issues, combined with the new hardware platform were so incredibly hard to solve, that we had to delay our shipment month over month over month. We are very sorry for that, but we've been working day and night for the past 3+ years to get this to ship finally.

Shipping At Last:

We've managed to solve all major issues and all Sky Drone FPV 1 units have been shipped out earlier this year. Yay!

The New, The Better Way:

Yet, we realized, we needed to change our platform once again. This time, definitely for the better and so we ended up at a similar set up we had been showing in our Indiegogo campaign. Our new Sky Drone FPV 2 consists of easy to source components, which make them all available on-demand to us.

The Software Is The Killer:

While we sell a hardware product, it's our Sky Drone software core that's the stellar piece of engineering. The Sky Drone FPV 2 firmware has been developed from scratch and is very reliable.

Sky Drone FPV 2 is shipping now and can be ordered on:

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