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APM Planner 2 for macOS High Sierra - Binary Download

Posted by Sky Drone Team on

ArduPilotThe Sky Drone Team has compiled a ready-to-run APM Planner binary for macOS High Sierra. 

Download APM Planner 2 for macOS High Sierra
(source code available here)

Why we've built our own binary

We are currently experimenting with various UGS. One of our testing environments involve a MacBook Pro running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. One of the most popular Ground Control Station "Mission Planner" is only available on Windows. There is an alternative available from the same ArduPilot community called APM Planner, which is supposed to run on Mac OS as well.

The current APM Planner binary that's available on does not run on the latest High Sierra. At least that is what we experienced. So we've built a binary ourselves. It works great for us and therefore, we wanted to share the binary with everyone else who might run into the same issue like us. So feel free to download our APM Planner 2 binary through the link above. 


P.S.: Check out our range of Sky Drone products for a seamless connection of your drone with a GCS like APM Planner. Let's you remotely control / fly your drone BVLOS using LTE/4G networks.

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