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How much data consumes 4G/LTE streaming of HD video via Sky Drone FPV 2?

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We've heard a question like this several times:

How much data usage will this consume per 10 minutes of video (roughly)?

Our answer is usually something in that direction:

This depends a lot on both the signal/bandwidth available, as well as the video quality you want to achieve.


For best quality FullHD video, Sky Drone FPV 2 can use up to 450MB for 10 minutes at a data rate of 6mbit/s. You can still get ok HD quality at 2mbit/s though. Internally, we usually operate with Sky Drone FPV 2 at a max. data rate of 2mbit/s, but it is definitely possible to run it at a higher rate to ensure high-res quality.


At 2mbit/s,10 minutes of streaming will consume 150MB. 


The system can adapt to very low available bandwidth as well: 50kbit/s are possible but only suited for emergency use (i.e. signal is very bad or your data volume is used up).

The Sky Drone team uses 4G/LTE SIM cards with a 5GB / month plan. We usually run over that allowed data in our plan, but we're also constantly testing and streaming video on our cards. 


Want to find out more? Check out the Sky Drone FPV 2 product page.

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