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Introducing Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520

Posted by Sky Drone Team on

Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520We're proud to announce our latest product "Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520". This user-installable hardware upgrade adds 4G/LTE connectivity to any Yuneec H520 drone in market today. 

Remote Team Mode

Now drone teams can use the Yuneec H520 in a Remote Team Mode. The drone operator can control the drone within line-of-sight using the standard ST16S controller and therefore being operation compliant in all jurisdictions. At the same time, that Remote Team Mode allows an additional person in a remote location (e.g. in another city or even country) to remotely control the drone's gimbaled camera as well as two additional fixed cameras (front and down). On the click of a button a high resolution photo can be taken for further analyses. 

Purpose Built

This is the first Sky Drone product that is custom built for a specific drone and the Yuneec H520 is a perfect match for our 4G/LTE connectivity platform. By integrating tightly into an existing in-market product, Sky Drone allows H520 owner to extend the drone's purpose and capabilities beyond visual line of sight.

At A Glance

  • Product name: Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520
  • Price: $1,999
  • Coverage: Global Version (all 4G/LTE networks covered in all countries)
  • Cameras:
    • 2x integrated 1080p fixed front & down cameras
    • Connects to Yuneec payload camera & gimbal (e.g. E90)
  • Weight: 98g
  • Shipping lead time:
    • Normal: 2-5 workings days
    • At launch: 3 weeks
      Due to high demand, the lead time is currently 3 weeks at launch.

Order - Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520

Product Images


Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520 Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520

Customer Range & Reception

Last week at the global XPONENTIAL exhibition hosted by the AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicles International), the Sky Drone team has unveiled this revolutionary product with tremendous interest from customers and partners in the drone space ranging from consumers, professionals and commercial customers over to education, government, search and rescue / first responders as well as law enforcement customers. 

Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520 explained


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  • Our startup will be among the first to field a fleet of Class-8, SAE Level-4 drone-equipped “driverless” tractor-trailers. We are pioneering ‘autodocking’ – the missing link: for trailer docking/parking at Level 5. We are commercial drivers with 40+ years in IT.

    For our application, we must have remote control and image transfer from anywhere in the US to a California-based remote operator. And we are fans of Yuneec.

    Do you have (or plan) an American office?


    Roy Reynolds
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    Fountain Valley, Orange County, California

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    Skype: rallenr (Facebook) (under construction)

    Roy Reynolds on

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