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Introducing Sky Drone FPV 3

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Sky Drone FPV 3

We're proud to announce our latest product Sky Drone FPV 3. It is the third generation of our popular 4G/LTE camera / connectivity / command & control set for all kinds of drones and UAVs. In short, this new version is smaller, lighter and works globally on any carrier network.

Command & Control via 4G/LTE

For the past 7 years Sky Drone is market leading in 4G/LTE connectivity of drones. The latest technology in this field is packed into our Sky Drone FPV 3 product, which weighs only 159g (including casing and cabling). The new standard connector for command & control and telemetry (JST-GH Dronecode Standard) allows an easy connection to your autopilot. The end-to-end encrypted bi-directional data link provides a remote ground control station with the ability to remotely control the drone from anywhere in the world.

Low-Latency FullHD 1080p Digital Video

Sky Drone FPV 3 ships with a tightly integrated 1080p camera that's optimized for low latency transmission. The typical glass-to-glass latency is <150ms, while the connection is as well end-to-end encrypted.

At A Glance

  • Product name: Sky Drone FPV 3
  • Price: $999
  • Coverage: Global Version (all 4G/LTE networks covered in all countries)
  • Camera: Full HD (up to 1080p 30fps)
  • Camera Lens: Interchangeable, default: 92° FOV
  • Certifications: FCC, CE
  • Weight: 159g 
  • Shipping lead time:
    • Normal: 2-5 workings days
    • At launch: 2 weeks
      Due to high demand, the currently higher lead time will decrease over the next two weeks.
    • Global express shipping is free of charge

Product Sheet

Availability and Country Compatibility

Sky Drone FPV 3 is available for order immediately. There is only one variant with global carrier compatibility, which means it can be used in all countries in the world. 


Existing Sky Drone FPV Customers

A range of our customers use Sky Drone FPV to add 4G/LTE connectivity to their drones allowing them to remote-control the drone and stream high quality video in realtime.


Changes made in Sky Drone FPV 3 compared to FPV 2

1. Weight

Sky Drone FPV 2 had a total weight of 256g. At Sky Drone FPV 3 the total weight was reduced down to only 159g. That is a 38% decrease in payload weight needed on a drone. Hence, flight time is extended.

2. Dimensions

The modem is now integrated, compared to the external dongle in FPV 2. The FPV 3 box is also significantly smaller now. As a result the overall dimensions of the system has decreased by ca. 30%. 

3. Network Coverage

The new integrated 4G/LTE embedded modem makes the entire system not just more rugged, but also comes 4G/LTE frequency band support of all network carriers across the globe. As a result, only one single global version is now on sale. Hence, a Sky Drone FPV 3 unit can now be used in the USA, but the exact same system can also be used in projects in Africa, Europe, Asia or other parts of the world.

4. Connectivity

Sky Drone is an official member of Dronecode. As such, the Sky Drone FPV 3 connector for telemetry and command & control is a standard Dronecode-compliant JST-GH connector. It connects out-of-the-box with a PX4 autopilot, for example. If your autopilot has a different connector, you'll easily find an adapter to connect to your autopilot.

5. More Integrated / Less Parts

At Sky Drone FPV 2 a separate identity module was required to be plugged in at all times of operation. Sky Drone FPV 3 has that identity module integrated now. The same counts for the now tightly integrated modem that is securely installed inside the Sky Drone FPV 3 box.

When summarizing up the differences between Sky Drone FPV 3 and Sky Drone FPV 2, the new product is now: smaller, lighter, more integrated, easier to install, globally usable out-of-the-box and generally the best and most cost-efficient choice to connect your drone via 4G/LTE for command & control and low latency realtime video streaming.

More information at: Sky Drone FPV 3 Product Page

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