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Introducing Sky Drone Link - Now Available for Order

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Sky Drone Link - HDMI 1080p FullHD video over 4G/LTESky Drone Link has just gone up for sale on at $999 and ships globally.

With Sky Drone Link it is now possible to transmit the video of any professional camera via virtually unlimited distances. The camera needs to have an HDMI output and Sky Drone Link will transmit its FullHD video over the 4G / LTE network to any receiving endpoint in the world. May it be tens of kilometers or even thousands of miles away.

Sky Drone Link has been designed with several scenarios in mind. Let us look at them to give you more of an idea of how Sky Drone Link can be used in a professional context.

Sky Drone Link - Canon EOS-1D X Mark IISky Drone Link with DSLR (e.g. Canon EOS-1D X Mark II)

Imagine you have your great DSLR camera like the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II on the right and you'd like to mount it on a drone to shoot some great photos or video. 

While in flight, you don't actually see what the camera is seeing. Cameras have viewfinders, so photographers and cinematographers can see in real-time what the camera's recording frame looks like. So they can get the best shot.

Canon EOS 1D works with Sky Drone LinkThat's exactly where Sky Drone Link comes in.

With Sky Drone Link, you can create a video transmission bridge for your DSLR. Simply connect your camera's HDMI output to the Sky Drone Link HDMI input and our system transmits your camera's viewfinder video to our Sky Drone desktop client. Now you can see in real-time, what your camera is seeing and you can make sure your photo or video is being shot from the right angle.

To get an idea of how that communication and wiring of Sky Drone Link with a DSLR might look like, here is a schematic overview:

Sky Drone Link with Camera Link to Transmit HDMI Video with a DSLR


Sky Drone Link with RED Epic, Scarlet, Weapon & Gimbal Control

Professional cinematographers working cameras like the RED EPIC, WEAPON or SCARLET, which usually end up on a rather heavy setup when they are flown on a drone.

Sky Drone Link with RED EPIC transmitting video from HDMI via 4G/LTE as well as gimbal / steadicam control

Red Epic on DroneSimilarly to the previous example, it is essential for the DP (Directory of Photography) to see the actual viewfinder when shooting a scene. At the same time, a gimbal / Steadicam is balancing the camera by compensating somewhat shaky hovering, but also allows for turning the camera to a certain direction - to get the best shot. 

Sky Drone Link makes all of the above possible.

Professional cameras with HDMI output can now easily bridged over tens, hundreds and even thousands of kilometers. At the same time, gimbal control can also be bridged to a local computer where it offers a flexible interface to connect to. 

Below is a schematic overview, which shows a scenario of a RED EPIC camera that is mounted on a gimbal on a drone. By using Sky Drone Link, the video of the RED EPIC is transported over 4G / LTE along with the gimbal control.

Sky Drone Link with video transmission from RED EPIC and gimbal control over 4G LTE networks


Sky Drone LinkAvailability and Country Compatibility

Sky Drone Link is now available on our store for $999. To place an order please visit: 

Order Buy Sky Drone Link

Sky Drone Link is available in two Versions:

  1. Sky Drone Link (US Verizon)
  2. Sky Drone Link (Europe Asia)

The core Sky Drone Link product is the same for both such versions, they only differ in the 4G LTE modem it gets shipped with. Please view the Technical Specification section on the Sky Drone Link product page for clarification. Each modem supports multiple 4G LTE bands, so it is possible for each of the modems to be compatible with network carriers in countries outside Europe, Asia and the United States of America. Existing Sky Drone customers use our products in South America, South East Asia, Africa and Oceania.

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