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Sky Drone FPV 2 just went on sale at studioSPORT in France

Posted by Sky Drone Team on

Sky Drone FPV 2 on studioSPORT in FranceSky Drone FPV 2 just got listed in France's premier UAV drone online store studioSPORT.

Their wide range of drones, UAV equipment and cameras, makes it the perfect shop to distribute our Sky Drone FPV 2 product on. Sky Drone FPV 2 has recently received some coverage from Helicomicro in France and this next step means Sky Drone FPV 2 has officially entered the market in France. As far as we know, studioSPORT has already tested our Sky Drone FPV 2, which can possibly be combined with other products studioSPORT is selling.

Check it out: Sky Drone FPV 2 at studioSport

P.S.: It's also great studioSPORT linked to our Sky Drone FPV 2 + QGroundControl post. Thanks a lot.

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