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Sky Drone FPV 2 got covered by Summit SkyCam on LinkedIn Pulse

Posted by Sky Drone Team on

Sky Drone on Summit SkyCamSky Drone FPV 2 just received some great coverage by Summit SkyCam, which is run by Chris Baker - an FAA Section 107 Certified Remote Pilot.

Here is a quick excerpt:

Sky Drone just made nearly unlimited FPV and HD video possible. What this means is if your into inspections for utilities you can now cover many more miles of pipeline and power lines lowering your cost. Covering large areas seems to be the biggest cost for drone operators due to battery exchanges and the biggest limitation RANGE! Now Sky Drone just helped reduce one of those hurdles. At a price of just around $699 it is even AFFORDABLE!

Chris' article was published on LinkedIn Pulse with the incredibly fitting title: Unlimited range HD and FPV just got real! Introducing Sky Drone FPV 2

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