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Sky Drone got Covered on Drone Girl

Posted by Sky Drone Team on

Sky Drone FPV 2 covered by the Drone GirlSky Drone has received another great media coverage. This time, the famous Drone Girl wrote about our Sky Drone FPV 2 product. Thanks a lot!

Here is a quick excerpt: 

Typically, FPV flyers have to make a tradeoff. They’ll either get low video quality, interference issues with other radio equipment, or the need for a large tracking antenna to achieve long range flights. Or, if they have a digital video, they’ll have a higher quality video but lower latency and aren’t suitable for real time video transfer.

Sky Drone FPV is changing that.

Want to read the full article? Just go to: Sky Drone FPV 2 Brings Unlimited Range To Drones Over 4G / LTE Cellular Network

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