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Sky Drone FPV 2 has better Karma

Posted by Sky Drone Team on

We've just read about the news that GoPro is recalling its Karma drone. All of its 2,500 sold units should be returned for repair because they might suddenly loose power during flight. That's not that good of karma for such a new product. 

We at Sky Drone understand just as well, how challenging it is to build a good hardware product that just works - all the time. We have had our challenges with our Sky Drone FPV 1 product in the past. That has been overcome and our brand new Sky Drone FPV 2 camera solution is now available!

We are fairly certain we will not need to recall our product ever. Its modular set up allows us to be very flexible and make sure all components work perfectly well with each other.

In case you are now in the need of a camera solution of real long range video transmission from a drone, have a look at our Sky Drone FPV 2. It's shipping now and it works perfectly fine.

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