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Sky Drone to be EU Drone Regulation Compliant for BVLOS Flights by EASA

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Sky Drone EU Compliant for BVLOS Flights

The European Union's body European Aviation Safety Agency has published a new regulation "on the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft" in May 2019. Besides many things related to drones, there is also a specific mention about flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). 

Sky Drone's core competence is in the field of BVLOS operations. Our core product Sky Drone FPV 3, for example, is being used by UAV manufacturers to add unlimited range to their drones for command & control and live realtime video streaming. As a result they simply enable their drones for BVLOS flights without the limitation of range or even borders.

The new EU regulation mentions BVLOS operations especially in section "UAS OPERATIONS IN THE ‘SPECIFIC’ CATEGORY", subsection "UAS.SPEC.020 Operational declaration" with the following specification:

  1. maximum characteristic dimension up to 1 metre in BVLOS over sparsely populated areas;
  2. maximum characteristic dimension up to 3 metres in BVLOS over controlled ground area.

All Sky Drone products designed for BVLOS flights will ensure to comply with this new regulation. While there is still a lot of work to do for the EU member states to turn this regulation into their local law by mid of 2020; Sky Drone will be ready to supply such BVLOS connectivity with full EU compliance.

You're a UAV manufacturer and you want to know how you can add BVLOS capabilities to your drone? Contact us.

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