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Support added for all Yuneec Camera Payloads streaming through Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520

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Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520

Our unique product Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520 just got a huge software update. Previously, the product supported only video connection to the E90 camera -- besides connection to the two embedded front and down facing cameras. Now, support for all Yuneec camera payloads.

This means for example that you as a remote team member are now able to view thermal imagery recorded by a drone flying thousands of kilometers away. Whether you are using an E10T, E10TV or a CGO-ET for this, does not matter. They all work seamlessly with our product.

Supported Camera Types:

  • Yuneec E10T / E10TV
  • Yuneec E50
  • Yuneec E90
  • Yuneec CGO-ET

Camera Payloads for Yuneec H520

About Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520:

This hardware product ads BVLOS capabilities to your H520. It is installed between the body and a camera/gimbal payload. The remote team mode allows for example a pilot in the field controlling the drone and a person with domain knowledge in the back office (may be thousands of miles away) to work together. The person with domain knowledge can view the remote imagery and take action based on them in real-time. 

More Information about Sky Drone 4G/LTE Upgrade for Yuneec H520.

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